Flemish Corsac Fox
Origin: Russia, Mongolia and Tibet

Latin Name: Vulpes corsac

Habitat: Grassland, savannah and semi-deserts

Diet: Rodents, insects and birds

Lifespan: Up to 13 years

Average Size: Weight: 2.5kg, Length: 55cm


Corsac foxes are a medium-sized fox and are often referred to as the “sand fox”. They have a silver grey / yellowish fur with pale mark-ings on the mouth, chin and throat. Winter coat brings darker line running along their back. Adapted to arid conditions, the corsac fox can go without food and water for ex-tended periods of time. They are very social and live in “cities” where animals have sev-eral dens with connected holes. Corsac foxes are reported to bark during hunting or when threatening rivals and to use higher pitch yelps or chirps as alarm calls or social greetings.