Origin: North / South America

Latin Name: Procyon lotor

Habitat: Mixed forests and mountainous areas

Diet: Mice, insects, bird eggs as well as different fruits and nuts

Lifespan: Up to 16 years

Average Size: Weight: 8 kg, Height: 30 cm, Length: 70 cm


Racoons are medium-sized mammal native to North America.  They belong to the procyonid family that includes the ring-tail, coatimundi as well as some other mammals.  Racoons have black fur around the eyes, contrasting sharply with surrounding white face colouring commonly referred to as a “bandits mask.
Racoons are known as eating machines that need to put on thick reserves of fat to supply them with energy and warmth through the winter months.  Though they do not hibernate, they are capable of going through Winter without eating at all.