Patagonia Mara
Origin: Argentina and Paraguay

Latin Name: Dolichotis patagonum

Habitat: Lowland areas of coarse grassland or open scrub desert

Diet: Grass, hay, green vegetation and fruit

Lifespan: Up to 10 years

Average Size: Weight: 11 Kg., Height: 40 cm, Length: 70 cm


Maras are the fourth largest rodent in the world behind capybaras, beavers and porcupines.  They have three sharp clawed digits on the hind feet and four digits on the fore feet.  They have long legs and ears with dense grey, orange and white fur.  Maras may amble, hop in a rabbit-like fashion, gallop or bounce on all fours.  They have been known to leap up to 6ft. in height.  Maras mate for life, and may have from one to three offspring each year. Mara babies are very well developed and can start grazing within 24 hours.