Lemur catta
Origin: Madagascar

Habitat: Dry forest and bushland

Diet: Fruit, leaves, flower and tree sap.

Lifespan: Up to 30 years

Average Size: Weight: Up to 2.25 kg., Height:   42 cm


Ring tailed Lemurs are a small primate with a conspicuous black and white banded tail.  Males have a fingernail- like spur near each wrist that emits a strong scent for marking territories.  They are the most terrestrial of all lemurs, spending a great deal of time on the ground instead of trees.  When territory or other disputes take place within a society, female lemurs always win.  Lemurs are often seen in a “sun worshipping” posture, sitting facing the sum to warm themselves.  Sunning is often a group activity with up to 30 individuals involved at any one time.