Snowy Owl
Origin: Arctic regions of North America

Latin Name: Bubo scandiacus

Habitat: Freshwater wet meadows and grassland regions

Diet: Small rodents, birds and lemmings

Lifespan: Up to 28 years

Average Size: Weight:2kg, Length:65cm, Height:69 cm


Snowy owls are a large white coloured owl with a wing span in excess of 4 feet. They have an unmistakeable white plum-age with narrow, sparse brown bars and spots and glaring golden coloured eyes. Unlike most owls, which are nocturnal , snowy owls are diurnal, meaning they hunt and are active both night and day. Male owls get whiter as they get older whilst females are darker with dusky spotting and never become totally white. Snowy owls have keen eyesight and great hearing, which can help them find prey that is invisible under thick vegetation or snow cover.